Fishing reel 0106

Fishing Reel 0106

Piece description from the artist

This image is of a well-used fishing reel on boat. I was out with friends in Huntington Harbor off of Long Island, New York. There were only six guests plus crew onboard this day, as it was early Spring and rather cold. The fish weren't biting, so I began photography the boat and gear. This image portrays the harsh and heavy use the gear is subject to on a fishing vessel. The original is a 16×20 image on 17×22 fine art paper.

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About Jeff Kauffman

Austin, TX

Jeff Kauffman is a photographer working in Austin, Texas. Born in 1961, he grew up in rural Pennsylvania during a time when people communicated using rotary telephones and you had to go outside to adjust the tv antenna. After earning his degree in computer science from Penn State University, Jeff moved to Washington DC — and later to Austin – to build a career in software technology consulting. His interest in photography began in the 1980s at Washington School of Photography and continues with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

He has been developing his photography while also working full time in technology consulting. Jeff ‘s photography shows an interpretive view of his subjects, presenting lines, structure, character, and sometimes weirdness, in compelling compositions. His work has appeared world-wide in publications, art festivals, and commercial venues.

Jeff now uses a smartphone and streams his tv content.

See Jeff's portfolio here

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