finding my center again

Piece description from the artist

Sometimes we must return to whence where came, were was, and begin, anow.

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About Scott Greise

Phoenix, AZ

Scott Greise
Phoenix, AZ

Scott Greise – Biography
Themes of fortitude, community, love, and acceptance address the wishes and desires for us as a species for artist Scott Joseph Greise of Phoenix, Arizona.

Scott has painted since age 5 when his grandparents gave him all those William Alexander (he taught Bob Ross) books. By third grade his parents put him in an outside art class with Mrs. Bartik, and he has been painting anything put in front of him since then, from blue jean jackets to residential ceilings. Scott’s style derives from a love of realism, surrealism, dreamscapes, and allowing himself to paint by ‘feel’ and intuition. He loves texture. Many times Scott will step back and have zero memory of what has been done, and the hours that have passed, and feels a satisfaction as a vessel for positive energy expression. Scott has a true love for nature and our ever-changing skies. As an Arizona licensed residential/commercial Paint Contractor, and owner of Moon Valley Painters, LLC since 2010, his clients kept requiring more in depth wall finishes, murals, and eventually ceiling murals, furniture restoration and redesign, and huge extreme interior graphics. Scott could deny his love of painting in studio and art no longer, and creates art every day now. Scott makes original works in oil, acrylic, mixed media, wood stain, and Venetian art techniques on birch and various wood panels, canvas, hand stretched canvas, and troweled plaster. Inspiration is everywhere.

Many of Scott Greise's custom art prints can be viewed at the Central Arts Plaza, a Class A+ trophy high rise building prominently located in the Central Arts District of Downtown Phoenix. This iconic property offers unobstructed 360-degree views of the Phoenix skyline and Camelback Mountain. Many of his works are on permanent display in their beautiful public lobby.

From Becca, the Art Advisor of Central Arts Plaza "The team was so excited to showcase local Phoenix talent, and fell in love with all of the artists in the collection. It was a joy to be able to work with such a wonderful group of people in a truly beautiful space." From David Long, Owner of Central Arts Plaza “We are very proud to be situated in the center of Phoenix's art district and wanted to honor this fact by supporting local artists in our collection, it is so special to see our tenants connecting with the local community through the artwork on our walls."
See Scott's portfolio here

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