Fall Guise - GLUTTONY

Piece description from the artist

This work is from my series based on the Seven Deadly Sins. This piece is all about Gluttony. The war machine is in full effect. Textures on textures, ripe for the plundering.

Other works by Eric Stine

About Eric Stine

Indianapolis, IN

Eric Stine hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, where he holes up in a cave with two dogs and a growing bevy of creative tools. After a decade of agency life, Eric is now exploring an ever-expanding horizon of creative outlets exuding his own visual voice. Making things is an obsession, and constantly being challenged to explore new techniques for making those things is an equally mandatory endeavor.

Eric’s influences come from all corners and timelines of life, and he enjoys shying away from what might be more ‘popular’ on the surface. Inspiration from Saturday morning cartoons, 80’s hip-hop, vintage signage, trash in the gutter, furry animals, ever-present socio-economical class systems, and wide-eyed emotional insecurities are a slice of what's on display in Eric’s multi-platform work. Don’t ask him what medium he works in if you don’t want to hear the answer, “everything”.

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