Factory at night

Factory at Night

Piece description from the artist

A local feed store in low-light with a train waiting to haul away goods. Natural lighting only.

About Chas Andrews

Louisville, KY

Chas Andrews has always been interested in photography. Because of his background in media, Chas' influences are from the worlds of cinema and photography. If he had to pick two artists he respects and admires, it would be "Ansel Adams":http://www.eyvindearle.com for his nature photography and "Roger Deakins":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Deakins, for his work in film.

Chas recently has found his niche in nighttime photography after being inspired by an old book called, "London at Night":http://www.amazon.com/London-at-Night-Jason-Hawkes/dp/1858945178. Chas believes that the world is incredible at night and he hopes to literally showcase the world, whether it's his hometown or Chicago, L.A., or NYC, at night.

See Chas's portfolio here

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