Exposed 2


Piece description from the artist

A lot of my work is done in an almost trance like way. I never really know what I am going to create, until I do. This painting was done in a moment when I was thinking about the spiritual meaning of spirals and how life does not happen in a linear path but as spiral. We experience similar life situations over and over but each time we have learned from our past and progress to a higher level of understanding, becoming stronger and wiser as we do. This waiting makes me feel energized and calm and motivated to continue to grow and learn.

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About Jaime Blumenthal

Peoria , AZ

Jme Lee started painting a year and a half ago as a form of therapy after complications of an auto immune disease. Once she started, fueled by a manic desire to create she painted almost 50 paintings in 30 days. Each painting dealt with the emotions and energy that had been building inside of her for the last 38 years.
She's is completely self taught and what she creates comes from a very raw place. Her art work is lively, colorful and full of energy.
Living in the Southwest for 30 years has been a huge inspiration to her. The colors, texture, movement and energy of the desert comes across in a lot of her pieces. She also a part-time photographer of nature and landscapes which inspires her art.
She is an up and coming artists and is currently working on displaying her art in galleries in Arizona, California and numerous other states. She has been selling her art locally and beyond to people from all areas and backgrounds. She believes her art is inclusive and speaks to us all in different ways.

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