Exploration: Drought

Piece description from the artist

This piece is part of my 2014 series "Exploration," which consists of 6 mixed-media collages on paper. The series title "Exploration" comes both from my collage process, which is intuitive and exploratory, and from the theme of exploring the natural world. This piece, "Drought," explores themes of human control and natural freedom. It gradually evolved as a barren landscape with small blue lines that evoke dwindling water and angular structures that represent an attempt to control nature. The parachutist is somewhat in control of his fate but also at the mercy of the winds, and the birds fly free.

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About Jen McCleary

Philadelphia, PA

Jen McCleary attended Tyler School of Art (BFA Painting and Printmaking), University of the Arts (Continuing Education in Print Design), and University of Pennsylvania (MLA). She works both digitally and in traditional mixed-media collage and views the two seemingly different media as complimentary and rooted in the same process of collecting and arranging images in an intuititive and exploratory process. In 2019 she began to learn the craft of wheel-thrown ceramics, which she alters through decoupage and the traditional Japanese art of kintsugi (repairing broken items with gold and lacquer). This process of creation and destruction considers the inevitabilities of damage and healing as part of the beauty of an object. She also works as a freelance graphic designer specializing in book cover and layout design.

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