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Every Moment Counts

Every Moment Counts

Piece description from the artist

"The rich paintings of Chicago based artist Danny Augustine are abstractions yet specific explorations into his personal lexicon of colors, shapes and lines. What starts as a random splash of ink or water may evolve to interpret his mother's schizophrenia then shift to portray his inner landscape of memories and experiences, converging with the 24-hour stream of world news updates.

Augustine begins by pouring watered down ink onto a firm, yet smooth paper. Once the ink has dried, he submerses himself in a doodle trance and these doodles become projections of his own memories or current feelings.

The intuitive creation of these textural environments is a greatly cathartic process for Augustine and quite the poignant experience for us. And the young artist intends to stay the course. 'Each one of my pieces shall represent an emotional stepping stone within my life and find their own spot in the art world,' remarks Augustine."

Stated by Vanessa Smith at CURVE, Lebanon's most prominent art, architecture, design and lifestyle magazine.