Ethereal afterlife 2

Ethereal Afterlife #2

Piece description from the artist

Ethereal Afterlife #2, 2022
9×12", mixed media on watercolor paper

This is a part of a two-painting collection. Please also see Ethereal Afterlife #1

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About Jayn Anderson

Greensboro, NC

Jayn Anderson is a North Carolina based abstract painter. Jayn approaches her work with an intuitive mindset, embracing the raw and expressive nature of abstract painting. Through her paintings, she reveals a complex and honest understanding of life through color, brushstroke, and spontaneous mark-making. Her work is inspired by life experiences, emotions, music and how they all relate to fundamental humanness. Jayn creates to uncover the deeply personal and at times, uncomfortable parts of life, striving to present a visual language that we can all relate to on a deeper level. Her desire is to provide a safe space for others to feel the freedom and vulnerability to connect to their innermost thoughts.

Jayn has shown her work nationally and internationally. She has been featured in British Vogue Magazine, Van Gogh Art Gallery, High Point Furniture Market and many others. She was interviewed as a guest artist on The New Visionary Podcast and for Art Mums United.

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