Erasure: Miami 05

Piece description from the artist


Taken from the monorail, these photographs capture glimpses of the urban cityscape streaming past: a patch of roof, some shrubbery, the smear of a high rise.

In a way, the speed can be thought of as erasing the scenery, smudging its tones, blending together the land and sky.

Sometimes the sky's brightness overwhelms. Or striated railing obliterates the view. It's as if the solidity of things comes into question, as if the landscape might, at any moment, vanish completely.

"Erasures" is less about what’s out there than what flies past the corner of the eye.

Other works by Gary Duehr

About Gary Duehr

Somerville, MA

In 2007, Gary Duehr was chosen as a Best Emerging Artist in New England by the "International Association of Art Critics": In 2003 Duehr received an artist grant in photography from the "Massachusetts Cultural Council":, and his work has been featured in museums and galleries throughout New England.

His public artworks include a photo installation funded by the "Visible Republic": program of "New England Foundation for the Arts":, and a commission from the "MBTA": for a permanent photo installation at "North Station":

Duehr has written about the arts for journals including "ArtScope":, "Art New England":, "Art on Paper":, "Communication Arts":, "Frieze":, and "Public Culture": Today, Gary manages the "Bromfield Gallery": in Boston's "South End":

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