Enchanted Dream Scape 12

Piece description from the artist

This is part of my creative art series. I developed this unique style of art surface and texture effects in 2012 and beyond. I integrate this
unique process with abstract and contemporary concepts and themes that are peaceful, uplifting and harmonious and can be enjoyed by a
Description wide audience.

About Wolfgang Gersch

Santa Fe, NM

" Energy, light and color is my most essential languages as an artist. Life is vibrant and full of transformations. Expressing these fluid processes in abstract forms and visual concepts is Gersch's calling. These transcendent and subtle energies manifest themselves in the lines, forms, movements and colors in his art. Deep emotional contemplation is the dance.

Artist Wolfgang Gersch paints his inner visions, which come to him in meditations or while communing with nature.

The originals are created in a style of painting with many layers of texture, acrylic gels, acrylic paints, metallic pigments and glazes. The artistic textures create a unique visual quality and enhance the luminescence of the acrylic paints, pigments, and glazes. The metallic pigments give the illusion of solid metal surfaces. The shifting light plays across these surfaces giving the impression of movement.

Wolfgang Gersch received a Fine Art Master Degree from the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts in 1978. He was a young, active artist in Berlin from 1970 to 1980, before moving to San Francisco, where he lived and worked for 20 years. In 2000 he became a resident of Santa Fe, where he currently has his home and studios. His color sense, the creative excellence and technical expertise of his work is enjoyed by a large sector of the public.

See Wolfgang's portfolio here

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