Empire state in red white blue

Empire State in Red, White & Blue

Piece description from the artist

A photograph of the Empire State Building and lower Manhattan. On a normal day, the iconic top of the Empire State Building is lit in its traditional white light, but on certain celebratory days, such as Memorial Day, Valentines' Day and even Annual World Oceans Day, this building will jazz up the skyline with celebratory colored lights.

Other works by Raymond Haddad

About Raymond Haddad

Jersey City, NJ

One day, Ray Haddad started pointing and shooting and quickly got carried away with photography.

He got a sack of gear and hit the streets of his hometown, New York City. Rarely a fly on the wall, Ray has a way that is central to his work; with a 'hello,' he can turn chance encounters into spontaneous portraits. He also photographs events, wanders the streets for cityscape shots, and sets up shoots from time to time. Some of his work comes from a darker place, while other photographs are quite innocent.

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