Emotionuntold stories 03

Emotion/Untold Stories 03

Piece description from the artist

Project :Emotion/Untold Stories

What inspires me about photography is that its simplicity to express one’s individuality and tell stories. Stories displayed in photographs or hidden traces of them, whenever I look at a photograph, I tend to seek out the narration in it. That is what I endeavour,telling stories via photographs. Emotion/Untold Stories is one of my personal experiments about expressing those whispers, and my wandering thoughts that come in solitude via single still frame. And, I try to focus on the “silence” that plays a major part of human’s emotion. Silence can speak out loudly and clearly when everything falls very quiet.
With those silence, I see the colors that will portray those lives and characters.

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About Htet T San

Elmhurst, NY

Htet T San was born in Dawei, a small town in the southern part of Burma, and grew up in the old capital city, Yangon.

Htet relocated to New York City in early 2011 and is currently pursuing further studies while working as a conceptual artist/ photographer and retoucher.

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