Emiliano framed by an anti immigration comic

Emiliano Framed by an Anti-Immigration comic

Piece description from the artist

A portrait of Revolutionary hero, and rebel legend; Emiliano is faced with the reality of present day oppression and supremacy propaganda.

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About Jesus Gonzalez

Dallas, TX

Jesus Gonzalez was born in the infamous beautiful city of Juarez, Mexico the year Return of the Jedi came out. He studied at the INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts) in Mexico at 14 years old. He continued his studies of fine art and graphic design in El Paso. Jesus had several solo art shows in Mexico and El Paso up until 2008, when he moved to Dallas, Tx. Here he continues his studies in graphic design, and has had several art shows in f6 gallery in Arlington, Tx. He is currently employing his graphic designs skills in TPN (www.tpninc.com).

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