Electricity howls

Electricity Howls

Piece description from the artist


About Jordan Koehler

Salisbury, MD

Jordan Koehler lives in Salisbury Maryland and shares a studio space with four other artists and professors. Jordan believes that our world is made up of lines, from comet tails to D.N.A., and that everything is connected and sequential. Everything that moves -from a snail to lava flow-leaves a line, a trace of its passing and Jordan believes that a line can be fate, commitment, a fact, a relationship, a place.

Painting allows Jordan to examine what can be asserted about anything through form, color, and line, the way cadmium red looks against teal blue. In her studio, she pays particular attention to her instincts and searches for meaning in each project. For Jordan, art-making is not about reason or story telling; it is a way for her to translate her emotional experience into a visual one.

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