Eiffel tower street perspective

Eiffel Tower Street Perspective

Piece description from the artist

In Architecture School I was taught that observational drawing is the best way to really "see" an object. Meaning that when you are drawing something, you are forced to notice all of the tiny details of spacing, proportion, color, patterns, connections, and every other element of design. So I decided that I needed to construct my own Eiffel Tower in order to really understand the design of the original.

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About Cody Gatlin

Austin, TX

Born and raised in North Carolina, Cody Gatlin studied art and architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Cody’s interest in design is central to his academic, social, and professional life as he strives to serve others by sharing information and supporting philanthropic organizations with his creative projects.

Cody describes his style as ever-evolving. Throughout his artistic process he is persistent in his experiments with new mediums and subject matter. However, his passion for science, history, music, entertainment, particularly the link between these subjects and the art world, remains constant.

Today, Cody lives in Austin, Texas where he co-founded the nonprofit organization Homes4Vets to help the homeless veteran population seek shelter, rehab services, and career counseling.

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