Eclectic current by julia muench

Eclectic Current by Julia Muench

Piece description from the artist

Julia's unique tapestry, "Eclectic Current" is a dynamic scene of waves gracefully reaching up to the moon and stars.
This piece was initially inspired by a quote in Virgil's "Aeneid", describing the ocean waves leaping up to reach the sky.

This is a TurningArt exclusive limited edition print available in editions of 100.

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About Julia Muench

Leonardo, NJ

An art lover recently said of Julia's work: “Her art reminds people of themselves, of who they really are. They recognize the art they forgot about… and it makes them happy.”
Julia sees art as illuminating, healing, and necessary. She loves merging color and form together, revealing new esthetics. Her process allows her to filter what may be happening in the outer world, with an outcome that moves and awakens others. Julia starts out within a set of certain boundaries, only to break out of them, if she finds this makes sense esthetically.
Geometric and organic forms hold a fascination, and she likes to work starting with a simple configuration(s) and maybe expanding from there.
She gets asked, "Is it a painting?" Yes, in the sense that the fabrics and thread are her palette. Specific colors and patterns factor into her art, and they need to bounce and play amongst each other. Art influences art, and Julia invites you, as a unique observer, to find your own take on what you see in her work, and maybe even find your own way into to something creatively new.

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