Dream 1

Piece description from the artist

We all come across photographs that essentially document something literal in an artistic or a factual way. But I felt there was space to use the camera as a tool for creating imagery which is beyond factual and literal.

So, I came up with abstract forms of pictures that are more about the expression of colors and mood rather than a 'fine portrait' or a 'perfect landscape'.

Also, I believe abstract works of art are more watchable on an everyday basis as they don't hold your imagination to just one subject. So essentially one would never get bored of seeing the same piece again and again for years to come.

Other works by Vishal Tomar

About Vishal Tomar

Mumbai, India

Vishal is a visual storyteller who believes in creating works of art which invoke a sense of emotion in the viewer and at the same time can liven up space without being loud distractive. His artwork is designed to be enjoyed every day for years to come. Intentionally so it is devoid of recognizable shapes and patterns which one can get easily bored of or may walk into a memory lane which the viewer might not want to.

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