Do not touch oahu turtle

Do Not Touch (Oahu Turtle)

Piece description from the artist

'Do Not Touch (Oahu Turtle)' is a study based on a brief memory of tourists harassing sea turtles that lounge on a beach in Oahu. A velvet rope is drawn across the sand with a description of the turtle's age, size and nick name. Despite their laid back appearance, their expressions, if imagined, would be one of annoyance when snorkeling folk grab their flippers as they swim to use as a personalized trolley system. Original work is slightly different from the printed out version with a layer of acrylic glaze poured on top of panel. This print is customized to look better on a screen and on a flat, untextured surface, hence the modifications.

Other works by Victoria Tao

About Victoria Tao

Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in various parts of the Midwest and South, Victoria Tao spent most of her youth documenting aspects of human culture through image making. The technique she developed involves making paintings on paper, then cutting them out with scissors and pasting them into another painting on canvas in the manner you might place paper dolls into a diorama.

After receiving her bachelor's degree at the University of Michigan, Victoria made her way out to southern California to study illustration at the Art Center College of Design and earn her master's degree in painting from Claremont Graduate University. Recently she has expanded into the realms of performance art, pottery, t-shirt design, music, and animation. She has been published in the 2010 issue of Studio Visit Magazine and shows regularly in various art exhibitions, public spaces, and non-profits throughout the country. Her next goal is to exhibit a thirteen-foot christmas tree painting in a mall.

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