Deep Blue Serenity

Piece description from the artist

"When you take the time to quiet your mind and not let anything intrude on your peace, there is stillness in time. You feel suspended in an ocean of tranquility, and all truth seems to stem from this place of inner understanding." – Assaraf

Other works by Taylor Bailey Douglass

About Taylor Bailey Douglass

Atlanta , GA

Taylor Bailey Douglass is an abstract expressionist painter, based in Atlanta, that specializes in reflective resin fine art. Her artwork is meant to encourage its’ observers to look within and reflect, in order to be a positive force of change in the world. Each one of Douglass' pieces are finished in a high quality reflective epoxy resin, allowing for people to “see themselves” immersed into each piece. Douglass is mostly inspired by her environment, music, energy, and natural elements. In fact, throughout her creation process, she utilizes fire, water, wind, and wood; using mostly cool color tones to transpire peace and mimic the infinite qualities of the sky, the oceans, and the atmosphere.

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