Dancer 2

Piece description from the artist

Original oil painting on canvas, glued on board like old master did!
Underpainting old master style, grisaille, several layer, it took several weeks to finish the work.
It is part of the Dancer series, check out Dancer 1, Dancer 3 and Dancer 4 as well.
Metric size 25 cm x 25 cm

Other works by Eva Hoffmann

About Eva Hoffmann

Munich, Germany

Eva Hoffmann's paintings are as straightforward and logical as math equations. They are sturdy, reliable, as if they were engineered rather than painted, put together with a welder rather than with a brush. Her paintings omit any detail that might burden the eye in order to show that the forms, which lack the evasiveness that characterizes so much of the art in our frenetic age, are the point.

Hoffmann is audaciously decisive and unwilling to leave the viewer in discomfort. With near messianic zeal, she does what our nervous generation, glutted with choices, is often unable to do: she selects one path knowing that, in so doing, she rejects infinitely many others.

See Eva's portfolio here

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