Curly fern

Curly Fern

Piece description from the artist

I’ve always been fascinated at the perfection of nature. It seems like every leaf is evenly spaced from one frond to the next. Many people don't take the time to really observe the plants in their own house and how they are structured. With my work, I'm hoping to bring this to people's attention so that nature's beauty is more in the forefront of their mind.

I painted this piece in gouache originally, but I later repainted it digitally so I could give it a linen texture layer. I find this natural weave looks great in homes with a mid-century style.

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About Trish Sierer

Kailua Kona, HI

Although she now lives in Hawaii, Trish Sierer’s trajectory towards becoming an artist started with her grandmother in South Texas. She spent every summer with her paternal grandmother who, on most nights, would spend the night drawing and painting with her into the early morning hours. Meanwhile, Trish’s maternal grandfather was becoming an avid painter as well. So it was inevitable that she would become an artist in her own right.

Trish has a great passion for conservation and ecology that comes through in her work. She draws inspiration from water and vegetation. Trish has an eternal fascination with how leaves get their shape or how nature at its most basic consists of geometric lines. The bee, in particular, started her down this path. Where everything a bee is, lives in, and creates is hexagonal.

This, mixed with her appreciation for mid-century modern architecture, combines to form the crux of her work. At times playful, her work always seeks to bring attention to the organic and constantly evolving world we live in. Painting with both physical paint, as well as digital paint, Trish is always experimenting with new media. Whether it is gouache, ink, wood, clay, or iPad, the possibilites are endless.

With her work, Trish hopes to inspire others on this planet to stop and really look at nature. This, she hopes, will bring environmental consciousness to the forefront of the minds of all people living on this earth. Only then, when we appreciate the world around us, will we do all we can to make sure we leave it as we found it. Just as her grandmother always told her.

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