Crysaora's Dress 2

Piece description from the artist

This is one of two photographs I took during a visit to a local aquarium. The image is of the tentacles of a Purple-Striped Jelly, Crysoara colorata. I find jellies and other relatives (cnidarians) to be an amazing group of animals which exhibit some of the most graceful and colorful attributes found in the animal kingdom. This set of photographs was inspired by the way their tentacles gracefully trail behind them, like the silk dress of a dancer.

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About Taylor Spaulding

Sacramento, CA

Taylor Spaulding is an amateur photographer currently living in the Central Valley of Califonria. Photography is the second love of his life, his first being the conservation of the environment. After graduating from the St. Louis University with a degree in Biology, Taylor began working as a State Park naturalist, and it was while learning to capture the beautiful scenery surrounding Burney, CA, that he found a love for photography. From these beginnings, he has continued to explore the world through the lens of a camera. He is currently working on his Master's of Science in Biology studying salmon and their ecology. Taylor is completely self-taught and continues to explore the world of photography. He has been published in several of his University's publications and recruiting materials and his work has been featured in local Art Magazines, and in world-wide marketing.

Taylor hopes that his photography will inspire viewers to experience, and interact with, their world more fully; stopping to appreciate each and every beautiful moment. He also hopes that his work will inspire viewers to work towards the conservation of this wondrous planet and all of its inhabitants.

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