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Jellyfish from the Lisbon Aquarium

My work isn’t about elevation, but cataclysms. I hope only to spawn thought and reflection- all private reactions to the visual and written forms of my art, in order to catalyze the viewer’s innate creative self. Through these private moments, awakenings and revelations of the viewer, I truly hope that they can then move to continue the cycle of inspired freedom of self. Photography and writing in combination is so engaging to me; as well as the muse-artist tug-of-war that is incessant within—the combination between the “left brain” and the “right brain” keeps me on my toes and consistently challenged, even though some of my projects are solely one or the other.

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About Carly Erin O'Neil

Los Angeles, CA

Carly specializes in a journalistic approach to her work and seeks to capture your story in pictures. Whether it be industry, love, family, artisanal creations, or activity, this is your life engraved forever in every frame. She strives to create natural beauty and take lovely photographs that people will adore and cherish all their lives. We are surrounded by so many intersecting lives and stories that there is an ever present change
visible as seconds on the clock tick by. With her camera, Carly can stop this clock, listen to all stories and portray that memory forever.

After much time spent in the arts as a child and a background in the NYC fashion-model-world, working later as photographer’s assistant with award-winning fashion and advertising photographers, she has evolved into the photographer she is today by blending a classical arts training with a documentarian eye. Assimilating this aesthetic into her photographic journalism, her photos tell a beautiful story of life, while maintaining the highest aesthetic appeal.
No matter how deep her fine art roots run, one thing that is essential to her creativity is to inspire those around her and this drives others to compare her photographs to scenes from epic films, classic
images of literature and even renaissance paintings. This is what truly makes her lifestyle photography so special and unique from the work of other photographers.

She is a true professional who is charming and engaging and loves to laugh which allows for a fun, relaxed, and productive shooting experience. She loves to travel, and is available for hire anywhere in the world.

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