Cream dream


Piece description from the artist

“Why cows, you ask? Well, when something in my nostalgic subconscious combines with my surface level admiration for a particular subject, I become mesmerized. And for the past three years, no better example of that has been my American cow collection. A far from exotic creature and highly-commercialized one at that, I relegate its homely aesthetics to a contemporary Fine-Art specimen. Rural meets urban, it's the "HI/LO" sentiment of recreating the way we see a cow through the medium of pop cultural magazine cutouts — that's what brings out such rich nostalgia in this collection. Also, recreating their ear tags is another way of mocking the commercialization of our society. I liken this to a famous artist elevating Campbell's Soup to a different level: Once wholesome food for the soul to iconic high art to satiate the eye and intellect.” -WHITNEY

About Whitney Anderson

Denver, CO

Whitney is a self-taught multi-disciplinary fine artist practicing in the mediums of drawing since she was 3, painting since she was 15 and collage since she was 27. Born in Alaska into a 3rdgeneration commercial fishing family and raised in Mukilteo, WA, she attended Duke University on athletic scholarship and in 2009 received her B.A. in Fine Arts. Whitney’s signature style is contemporary realism with a flare of pop-cultural nostalgia. She considers herself as “old school, raw and a purist” in that she does not intermix different mediums or partake in the liberties of this modern tech era to achieve her collage masterpieces: everything is free-handed and that stems from the thousands of hours refining her fundamental art skills over the past 25years. This is reflected early on in her childhood: “I didn’t like coloring books or tracing, I was always a blank, white slate kid.” Her blue-collar upbringing also prepared her way as an artist. There were no shortcuts to being successful: pure passion, drive and long hours make up a signature Whitney L Anderson art piece.

She has displayed her work nationally including Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Denver and in various venues throughout her home city of Seattle. She displayed in her first international exhibit back in her ancestrial homeland of Sweden two years ago. Her goals are to exhibit in Copenhagen and New York City in 2020.

See Whitney's portfolio here

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