Crash 1 2

Crash 1

Piece description from the artist

I arrived early to location where I was shooting the photography for a television show. We still had 20 min before filming began and we all stood in awe at the epic swell that had come in overnight. Camera in hand, I found my way to a spot where the waves were exploding against the rocks, putting on an absolutely spectacular show. I slowed my shutter enough to feel the movement while still freezing the unique abstractions of each crash colored by the sunrise.

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About Adam Rose

Thousand Oaks, CA

Adam Rose loves color; he is inspired by light, fascinated by people, in awe of the Earth, and loves photographing all of it. Rose works as a television, film, and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Any free time is spent roaming the world, shooting travel, nature, and documentary images while fulfilling his yearly quota of foreign hospital visitations and fending off monkeys for hot noodle soup on top of a snowy mountain.

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