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While living along the Eastern Seaboard, I was well-acquainted with the exquisite blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay. Their delectable meat, kissed with Old Bay seasoning and dipped in vinegar, is an incomparable eating experience. Imagine my surprise one year upon visiting a local crab house in Virginia and finding out that the crabs were flown in from Texas! Now a resident of Texas, I dearly miss my Atlantic coast, yet I am grateful for the bounty of the Gulf of Mexico. Every time I visit Galveston, I pack my personal supply of Old Bay and hit the wharves in search of this culinary treasure. It's almost like being home again….

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About Kristine Kainer

Georgetown, TX

Kristine Kainer grew up in a military family and spent her formative years moving to new and diverse locations along the Eastern Seaboard. She graduated from The College of William and Mary with a degree in Art History and high hopes. Unfortunately, job opportunities did not meet her creative goals. After several uninspiring jobs, she earned her Master's degree from George Mason University to pursue a career teaching mathematics. It was during this time that she developed a passion for food (especially shellfish) and began to admire the rustic charm and simplicity of life from a bygone era.

In 2003, Kristine, her husband, and their young daughter moved to rural Texas. There they experienced a slower pace of life while living on a small, weathered, 1920s family farm. During this time, Kristine's creative spark was reignited in the form of painting.

Self-taught, Kristine specializes in oils. Her subject matter focuses on her long-time loves: food, seashells, vintage everyday items, and the occasional seascape. Her works are found in both public and private collections nationally and internationally. She and her family currently reside in Georgetown (near Austin) and Schulenburg where they enjoy the urban, suburban, and rural lifestyles of Texas—with, of course, the occasional jaunt to the seaside.

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