Cosmological creativity

Cosmological Creativity

Piece description from the artist

“Cosmological Creativity” reveals the flower of life pattern. This underlying pattern is also the basis of all sacred geometry representing the form of the proton when in a three-dimensional spherical representation. In this two-dimensional painting, the flower of life is used as an under-painting drawn first in pencil and then outlined in copper paint. The universe creates through the stepping down of light to sound to geometry. It is for this reason that I play the Flower of Life Gong in my meditations, so that I can create harmonic structures within the body like in the cosmos.

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About Laura McClanahan

Keaau, HI

Laura McClanahan's artwork is an exploration of natural patterns. Her main thesis is a study of water forms as a metaphor for thought patterns. Through photography and painting, Laura experiments with abstract imagery inspired by nature and her inner understanding of micro and macro patterns. Her images could be celestial or microscopic, this is her understanding of "as above, so below".

Laura is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art with an MFA degree in Studio Art. She uses experimental techniques with color darkroom photograms, video and large format printing. Laura continues to expand her explorations via both photography and painting. Her painting series are well exhibited in New York City and at Art Fairs.

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