Duc Ly By Duc Ly

Piece description from the artist

One of my earliest memories, or the one I choose to remember, is of me cutting color triangles from a piece of paper. I suppose I've been doing that ever since. I like to think that the shapes have evolved but I still think that the first intuition of shapes and color is still the most powerful. I think of Euclid and geometry now. Every once in a while, I do manage to stumble upon those early inclinations.

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About Duc Ly

Clackamas, OR

Duc Ly was born in Vietnam and grew up on a small island near Malaysia. After coming to America he earned a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Oregon and a degree in Mathematics from Portland State University. Now as a photographer he shoots the natural scenery in the mountains between Washington and Oregon, and also regularly travels to Vietnam and other parts of Asia. Duc has shown his work across the US and internationally, including an artist residency at the Hungarian Multicultural Center in Hungary.

Currently, Duc Ly resides in Portland, Oregon.

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