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Gestural, black and white abstract painting created as part of a Black and White Series. I used several different tools to achieve different effects and the composition in this painting. I added many layers of paint, the scraped the paint away and added back onto it with wedges and large brushes. This method of working adds textures and depth to the work. Pops of red give this painting a dynamic edge.

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About Alice Lipping

Astoria , NY
As an Artist, I have always been fascinated with the process of painting. The act of Painting and experimentation with various mediums or materials has always been an integral part of my visual language. I am spontaneous and intuitive when it comes to my mark making, striving to convey emotions through color interactions and movement. Creating a sense of balance and harmony within my paintings to connect to a deeper sense of myself and my surroundings. Having lived in New York City for over 25 years, my work has been influenced by the urban environment. Beauty of deterioration and rebuilding is present in my layering and textures, as is the influence of music that has always been a driving force in my life. Song titles will often lend their names to the pieces they have inspired. I started this year by dedicating myself to create a piece of art everyday for 100 Days, integrating a new concept every 10 days to explore new ways of challenging myself. I decided to continue this project for the remainder of the year as a way to remain disciplined. This has been a soul-searching experience in terms of opening myself up more and breaking through all those layers. The values of art that I hold dear are about continuing to learn and grow, and most importantly to keep working. Alice grew up in and around NYC from an early age, after spending some time in New England she came back to make her home in NYC, where she has remained for the last 26 years. She decided to go back to school at Hunter College, to study Art History, but changed her major to Visual Art after taking Art classes and falling in love with the process of painting. In 2004 she received her BFA in painting. Since then, she has shown her work in several group and solo exhibitions in both Galleries and Alternative spaces and has worked on different projects/ commissions with Interior Designers, Architects, Restaurants, and with a Corporate Space in Japan. She currently works out of her studio space at Studio 34 in LIC. In addition to Painting, Alice has curated several Group Exhibitions in the Studio 34 Gallery and continues to work with her colleagues in organizing Group and Pop Up Exhibitions.
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