Piece description from the artist

"Context" is often the space meaning is held in. In a way, the context of an object or idea shapes and defines how that object / idea is understood. For this composition, I was thinking of a Taoist perspective, using nested yin-yang symbols to represent change, the flow between light and dark principles. Circles and squares I think of as archetypes related to Masculine and Feminine, and the rotation of ellipses folds along fourths, reminding me of the Seasons.

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About Zalman Berkowitz

Tucson, AZ

Zalman Berkowitz was born in Tucson, Arizona, and raised by a strong, determined single mother in the Sonoran Desert.

Zalman’s earliest fine art studies emphasized the craft of painting. He is fascinated by color and shapes that seem to change, or occupy multiple dimensions simultaneously. His earliest color investigations were based on the combinations found in the desert environment—wildflowers, mountains and sunsets.

Zalman began painting with oil in 1996, and has had the good fortune to work with several excellent teachers. Zalman’s art practice continues with painting and began incorporating mixed media and performance poetry in 2000.

He is based in Tucson, Arizona and travels widely for the arts.

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