Connect to the source

Connect to the Source

Piece description from the artist

Energy is the invisible tapestry that animates life. My intention with this painting is to capture energy with color. The key is surpassing many keyholes, representing the people we meet that come and go in our lives. The Source will guide you if you stop and listen.

Other works by Leah Guzman

About Leah Guzman

Miami, FL

Leah Guzman is a professional art therapist and artist working primarily in oils on large and small scale canvases. She exhibits, sells prints and originals of her work. She created her own company, The Artful Experience, to highlight and encompass all aspects of her endeavors as an art therapist, author, and artist.

Her work is organic, energetic, and spiritual. Her current body of work is derived from relationships in her life, personifying energy exchanges and connections between people. These relationships are represented through organic forms, spirals, bubbles and flowering pods. The paintings have warm and cool colors which resonate off each other in the same way one may resonate with particular people.

Leah believes that the human spirit is nourished by color; she aspires to create paintings that serve as visual nourishment for the soul.

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