Colorful Highland Cow

Piece description from the artist

This highland cow was one of the very first wildlife pieces that I created. Highland cows have incredibly detailed and colorful coats so I had a lot of fun integrating a variety of colors and textures onto this spectacular animal!

Admittedly, I had one issue with my highland cow. One of the characteristics of highlands that make them extra unique is that they have "bangs" that often cover their eyes. While I wanted to showcase the silly hairdo of the average highland, I also thought it was important to showcase his personality via his eyes as well.

Thus, my highland has a few stray "brows" covering his eyes. Like many of my pieces, this also has a hidden home-blessing within. Can you find it?

Other works by Traci Anderson

About Traci Anderson

Billings , MT

Traci Anderson is a Montana-based artist that is best known for her colorful and whimsical collage art.

Her highly detailed pieces are created solely from her extensive collection of vintage images, typography, patterned papers, maps, printed music manuscripts, postcards and scraps of all sorts of interesting digital findings! You might even find a small blessing, quote or verse "hidden" within her pieces.

Traci is a self- taught artist that spent the majority of her career as a social worker. Traci's art is influenced by her all-time favorite artist, Eric Carle whose playful and colorful pieces spurred her creativity both as a little girl and grown woman. Thus, Traci's goal is to create art that makes people look at everyday things with a childlike sense of wonder and enthusiasm.

Traci's art typically features the unique wildlife that share her Eastern Montana home and all sorts of dog breeds. Her work is inspired by her outdoorsy, animal-loving husband, two energetic, creative and funny teenagers, and three loving and wildly high-strung, German hunting dogs.

See Traci's portfolio here

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