Color Wheel

Piece description from the artist

Waiting for the bus in the hot sun in a remote part of Oaxaca, Mexico, I noticed a small bamboo hut on the side of the road and ventured in for some shade. To my delight I found a woman spinning and selling very colorful dyed wool for weaving, and whom was gracious enough to let me photograph her and her process. You never know what you'll find when traveling if you're open to anything.

Other works by Adam Rose

About Adam Rose

Thousand Oaks, CA

Adam Rose loves color; he is inspired by light, fascinated by people, in awe of the Earth, and loves photographing all of it. Rose works as a television, film, and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Any free time is spent roaming the world, shooting travel, nature, and documentary images while fulfilling his yearly quota of foreign hospital visitations and fending off monkeys for hot noodle soup on top of a snowy mountain.

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