Collage Abstract #7

Piece description from the artist

Working the themes of movement and change, this composition explores the idea of spiraling energy, possibly destructive but beautiful.

Other works by Suzanne Oldham

About Suzanne Oldham

Dallas, TX

Influenced by both realism and abstraction, Suzanne Oldham creates art in a variety of mediums including watercolor, acrylics and collage. While focusing on the figure at the beginning of her career, particularly portrait work, her more recent inspiration has come from the land and environment around her home in Texas.
A skilled technician, Oldham is adept at capturing subtleties of light and form when working in a realistic style. Her collage compositions, made from recycled papers, explore more abstract ideas about how the natural world intersects human activities.
Oldham also creates unusual assembled works, acrylic paintings on paper which are torn and reassembled on hardboard, as an exploration depth, movement and texture on a two dimensional surface.

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