Coliseum 2


Piece description from the artist

The artist of this piece, Sarah Ghanooni, is inspired by the impressionist movement, nature, dance, and music. She aims to express her passions through her brushstrokes, as can be seen in this scene of the Coliseum in Italy.

Other works by Sarah Ghanooni

About Sarah Ghanooni

Bellevue, WA

Whether it is painting, drawing, designing or music, art has always been a passion for Sarah Ghanooni. She has a diverse background of Middle Eastern and Mexican heritage. At an early age, she learned about artists like Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso, who influenced her to develop a more impressionistic style. Sarah takes her inspiration from nature, dance and music. Through brushstrokes, she attempts to express what she cannot always put into words.

She currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

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