Cmon sugar

C'Mon Sugar, Let Me Know

Piece description from the artist

I had found this motel postcard from the 1960’s of the Madonna Inn located in California. There was this gold and pink decorated bar room that I fell in love with. Without the possibility of actually staying there during the 1960’s, I decided to recreate a scene in which a swanky, voluptuous bartender go-go dancer lays on top of the bar, seducing her customers.

Other works by Kara Eletto

About Kara Eletto

Kingston, NY

Kara was born in upstate New York and attended SUNY New Paltz to study visual arts. Portraiture is her strength but, she has always been fascinated by retro interiors, tacky patterns, vinyl chairs, and polyester.

Her curiosity in the notion of past lives guides the creation of her characters. Kara has an avid appreciation for architecture and implements elements of design into her paintings. She currently works as a hair stylist and has been known to incorporate hair as a medium.

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