Cloud #158

Piece description from the artist

This is the Book cover to my book "CLOUDS" (2007 unaltered photograph)
Here's an excerpt from the book.
"Visions of Clouds-Cloud Visions
I am utterly enthralled with clouds.
Northwest Clouds play a definitive role in terms like “Big Sky” or “God’s Country”. These Northern Cumulus seem to have been chiseled out of large globs of albino clay and smacked down with temerity, splattering-clumping onto this canvas we call sky. Covering the sky-canvas this cloud clay is then sculpted and chiseled with the acumen of the Gods. This clay is molded into three dimensional bodies that project out and beyond the canvas-sky thus defining the landscape with their overwhelming statuesque like presence. Thus they overpower, and encompass the landscape, defining it, acting as bold brash center pieces. Only to be disassembled by southeasterly winds into momentarily indiscernible masses. This momentary coalescing of water vapor then reconstitutes itself yet again over the next mountain range or high altitude sage brushed prairie. At these altitudes say five to elven thousand feet clouds dominate the landscape with their distinctive three dimensional impressions embossed onto the sky."

Other works by Byron Dudley

About Byron Dudley

Fairbanks, AK

Byron Dudley was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1964, and grew up both in the suburbs of N.J. and in the Bed Stuy section of Brooklyn N.Y. He moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1984 to run track and cross country at the University of Oregon.

In 1995, Byron began life as a long haul truck driver. He did so to de-shelf, reorganize, and reinvent his life, and to find some solitude and time to reflect. He never imagined he would drive over a million miles and in doing so rediscover himself and his first passion: producing works of art.

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