Piece description from the artist

Just like the circus, thie particular piece has a lot going on. Lions, elephants & acrobats keep the eye moving around the area of the painting. The warm, bright palette is vibrant and fun.

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About Bex The Artist

Detroit, MI

Bex grew up in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and she has been creating art since she was old enough to hold a crayon. After earning a degree in communications from Michigan State University in 2000, Bex began her career in marketing and sales, often working in an office. Since then, she has been trying to incorporate creativity into her line of work through photography and design.

As an artist, Bex is inspired by fashion, music, modern design, and her own personal experiences. Though never formally trained, she has always been self-motivated to create a unique, personal style that reflects her own artistic perspective. Her grandmother is also renowned local artist, and Bex loves keeping the lineage alive.

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