church window 2

Piece description from the artist

A church window through bushes.

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About Dietrich Katz

Freehold, NJ

Dietrich Katz's Artistic Statement

My work delves into the realms of nature photography and avant-garde sculpture, each with a distinctive approach and unique perspective. I am captivated by the often overlooked angles of our natural world, particularly those that escape conventional exploration. This passion for uncovering the unseen compels me to experiment with composition, making it a crucial element of my visual narrative.

In addition to my terrestrial pursuits, drone photography has opened up new vistas for me — literally and figuratively. The challenge of predicting what scenes will look like from an elevation of 350 feet is a thrilling, experimental journey. I predominantly focus on capturing the stunning coastal landscapes of the East Coast, with plans to expand my horizons to other parts of the country.

My sculptural work takes a significantly different yet equally exploratory approach. Using ballistic gel as my primary medium, I embed various objects such as blown-apart car tires, copper tubing, bullets, washers, and 3-inch clear glass balls. Each sculpture is meticulously mounted on a half-inch piece of clear plexiglass, which floats above an LED light source. This LED light is drilled into a 12" x 12" x 36" high chunk of solid oak, hand-shaped with a chainsaw, sanded, and coated with three layers of polyurethane. The unique shape and configuration of each base serve to enhance the intrinsic glow and transformative quality of the sculptures.

My selection of subject matter is a serendipitous process. Inspirations can strike me randomly — often while driving down a road where a particular scene might demand my return for a photograph. This spontaneous recognition is followed by an integral phase of editing, which is as crucial as the initial capture.

In the case of drone photography, the experimentation intensifies. This medium requires me to visualize perspectives I cannot physically access, pushing me to imagine scenes from soaring heights. The unpredictable nature of this practice mirrors my overall approach to art: heavily rooted in experimentation and discovery.

What invariably draws me in is the unusual and the striking. Uncommon images, compelling compositions, vivid colors, and the juxtaposition of disparate elements within a frame all evoke a sense of wonder and interest that I strive to capture and share.

Inspiration for my work comes from everywhere and everything, an endless wellspring of ideas fueled by my surroundings and experiences.

The genesis of my ballistic gel sculptures stems from a long-held fascination with the moment a bullet embeds itself in bulletproof glass. However, due to the prohibitive cost of bulletproof glass, a friend suggested ballistic gel, sparking a new creative direction. This medium allows me to explore that captivating instant in a more accessible yet equally compelling way.

Through my work, I aim to present the world from perspectives that challenge familiarity and spark curiosity, inviting viewers to see beauty in the unexpected and the extraordinary.

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