Chinese hop

Chinese Hop

Piece description from the artist

This piece was similar to "Counterpoint" but differed in that I decided to invert every 2nd row of triangles. I chose yellow, blue and green as my main colors to work in and added a red to contrast. The grid was painted grey if the 2 adjacent colors were dark, and black if they were light. I looked at the nearly finished piece and noticed a similarity to a Chinese checker board. I defined this by changing the colors in a few spots and defining the hopping form in the top left.

Other works by Roy Van Der Aa

About Roy Van Der Aa

Las Cruces, NM

Roy van der Aa was born in Holland, educated in Canada, and emigrated to the United States in 1989. Since 1970, he has been a painter, and he has been showing his work regularly since 1974. Roy’s travels have taken him through Europe, Canada and the United States, and have provided him with a variety of experiences. From 1981-1989 he ran a successful artist’s co-op in Montreal. He has written poems, song lyrics, and performed many styles of vocal music in nine different groups. Roy has also participated in four archaeological excavations.

Roy is a founding member of "ArtForms Artist Association of New Mexico": and is a member of the Society of Layerists in Multimedia. His work is found in private and corporate collections in the United States and Canada. He has also participated in over fifty-five shows in Canada and the United States.

Roy has been married for twenty-eight years and he has a fifteen year-old son.

Roy currently lives and works in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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