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CNA Tower – 151 North Franklin – John Ronan Architects – 2018

Chicago has been called a Museum of Architecture, and it continually upholds that honor with some of the newest, biggest, and boldest urban creations in the world while still maintaining towering masterpieces from over 100 years ago.

I got to tour the new CNA Tower just as it began to open in 2018. This view is looking up the east side of the building from one of the many outdoor spaces incorporated into the design. The intelligent tower, packed with technological amenities, is home to several law firms, CNA Insurance (the namesake), and Facebook. It stands 517 feet tall and rises 35 floors above street level. This particular image also features Randolph Tower in the reflection, a Gothic Revival tower from 1929.

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About Ashland Thomas

Chicago, IL

Ashland grew up in Southeast Virginia surrounded by lush rural landscapes, great protected swamp lands, national & state parks, the Chesapeake Bay, the Eastern Shore, the breathtaking Skyline Drive & Blue Ridge Mountains, and the inlets & oceans of Virginia & North Carolina.

It was this constant variation in natural beauty that first drew his eye to the camera; that, and the constant joy of capturing life's candid moments on film. Although no particular subject is banned from the lens of Ashland's camera, it is landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, and nature that truly captures his heart.

"There's always more to see, more to learn, more to be wowed about-I just hope you enjoy what I see in the world."

A constant staple on the likes of Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook, Ashland currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, and looks forward to many more years of development, collaboration, creativity, world travel, and art.

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