Piece description from the artist

People often determine the color of water based on the sky's character as it reflects onto the ocean’s surface. There’s an infinite number of colors manifested ranging from the palest gray to the brightest aqua. However, if the face of the wave is exposed the crest reflects back onto itself instead. When the sun strikes at exactly the right angle rising waves create an infinite palette of blues.

Other works by Kerry Mansfield

About Kerry Mansfield

San Francisco, CA

Kerry Mansfield’s fine artwork has been exhibited globally, garnered numerous honors and awards. A host of press and publications, ranging from Time Magazine’s Lightbox, The New York Times Lens Blog to Architectural Digest, have featured several bodies of her work.

While living in The Sea Ranch working on her latest fine art project during the past four years she’s also been photographing the ephemeral coastline and its entrancing interplay with the Pacific Ocean.

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