Piece description from the artist

My work speaks to the shared human tendency to appreciate beauty and find meaning in abstraction. The appreciation of the beautiful is an essential aspect of humanity, and there is a positive, almost spiritual energy involved in experiencing it. By working to make color and light dance, I focus on that part of humanity which offers hope, light, and promise.

Other works by Teri Levine

About Teri Levine

Atlanta, GA

Teri Levine has been painting for more than 15 years. Her abstract, landscape and still life works use contrasting colors and shapes to elicit interest and excitement from the viewer.

Her style is an eclectic blend of cubism, abstract, and realism yet the colors and themes of her paintings are consistent. In general she uses oils and acrylics although on occasion she'll do three-dimensional art using collage and other found materials.

An Atlanta resident for more than 40 years, Teri's studied at the Atlanta College of Art and also holds a Master's degree in Psychology.

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