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Piece description from the artist

You know those places at beaches that you can only get to when the tide is low. It's always dangerous because the tide could trap you in there or take you out to sea. This is about that kind of place. Like being a voyeur from a forbidden place looking out. The young girl with the horns was taken from my Mom's Rockport, Massachusetts 1960's high school yearbook.

Other works by Albert Lewis

About Albert Lewis

San Jose, CA

Albert is one of those artists that likes dabbling in all different kinds of materials. Sometimes he's using traditional methods of making art like oil painting, drawing from life and etching but other times he's drawing cartoons on receipts after dinner or cutting antique magazines for collage.

He thinks it's important to always change up how you are creative to keep the feeling of creation alive and exciting. Collaging paper cutouts mostly from old books and magazines, he says, is the most fun because the immediacy of surprise is always so entertaining.

"I love collaging from magazines because there's so much humor in seeing how we advertise to our fears and desires. It's like this encyclopedic phycological profile on our species that when cut apart and rearranged has so much humor"

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