Cast Painting 4

Piece description from the artist

This peice is one of Hilary's favourite pieces that he made from drawing and painting casts.

Other works by Hilary Mockewich

About Hilary Mockewich

Philadelphia, PA

Hilary first knew he would be a fine art painter by the time he was old enough to speak. After he saw a tondo painting for the first time in Philadelphia, Hilary devoted his teenage years and twenties to figuring out how to make paintings like it. After completing secondary school, Hilary moved to Florence, Italy where he trained and completed various commissions. This was the first time Hilary realized he could make a life by means of fine art. Hilary continued his studies at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and was awarded his certificate in 2006. During his time at the Pennsylvania Academy, Hilary worked as a fine arts subcontractor for commercial church painting firms and focused his study of classical painting and drawing. Upon graduating, Hilary worked as a mural restoration technician for a renowned studio in New York City and has since created his website, Studio Hilary.

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