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Carnaval in Brazil is an experience you would never forget. Women dressed in feathered headdresses, color swirling everywhere. This painting was inspired by it. It captures the vibrancy of the experience and the beauty of the woman as seen through my eyes.

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About Greta Grigorian

Los Angeles , CA

After Greta Grigorian graduated from Otis College of Art and Design she opened a company called Design Concepts, specializing in residential interiors. After a few years she was in need of a change so she sold her company and began a career in the Film and Television Industry, applying her artistic talents as a Set Decorator, Art Director, and Production Designer. Since then Greta has expanded her practice to include yet another form of artistic expression – Fine Art.

Greta travels often and her creations are inspired by the various cultures she has immersed herself in. The colors in her paintings include the golds of Italy, the reds of China, Moroccan blues, greens from the jungles of Costa Rica, the ambers of Egypt and the aquas found in southern Thailand. Each of her original pieces are crafted with hand cut Joss paper used by the Chinese to pay homage to their ancestors, and acrylic paint on masonite. Greta believes in a universal consciousness that can be communicated through creative activity and her paintings aim to reflect the idea that we are all connected.

Greta currently lives in Los Angeles and exhibits her work in galleries across Texas and Southern California.

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