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Musical Chairs

Piece description from the artist

The Fish Series began in 2013, the year I became the grandmother of two grandsons, one born very prematurely and at great risk. Abstract images gave way to a desire to paint more realistically. One day a fish unexpectedly jumped into one of my paintings, and I was compelled to discover and understand its meaning, especially because I usually find fish repulsive.

I learned that the fish is sacred in many cultures, that it represents fertility, femininity, creativity, good luck, prophecy and wisdom, change and transformation. Water suggests the womb and the unconscious mind.

Feeling compelled and repelled at the same time, I, nevertheless, decided that a door had just opened, so I accepted the invitation to step over its threshold into a new realm. I have continued to paint the fish in various dreamlike interior spaces. I hope the viewers of this series will make up their own narratives about what is going on inside of them.

Other works by Louise Weinberg

About Louise Weinberg

Boston, MA

Born in New York City, Louise Weinberg currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Before pursuing an art career, Louise worked as a practicing clinical social worker for twenty-two years, until she left the field of clinical social work in 1997.

She is a graduate of Brandeis University, Columbia University, as well as the four-year diploma program in studio art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Weinberg has a studio in Allston, Massachusetts, and is represented by galleries in Boston and New York. Her paintings have also been featured in a number of Hollywood movies including "Bride Wars":, "The Proposal":, and "Knight and Day": Many pieces are also in private collections, both here and in Europe. Weinberg's work has been featured in "Studio Visit Magazine": on several occasions and she has been featured in a book about Boston-area artists entitled "In the Line of Fire":

Louise is the founder of the drawing program at the "Brookline Senior Center":, and the recipient of two grants which funded this program.

See Louise's portfolio here

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