Camellia #1

Piece description from the artist

Flowers are one of nature's most spectacular wonders, providing endless detail and visual intrigue. The artist of this piece, Bob Francis, approaches nature photography as an opportunity to explore the detail, form, structure, gesture, and other worldly qualities of plant life. By doing so he is able to capture the life within the flower, changing the image from a typical still life to something more akin to portraiture.

Other works by Bob Francis

About Bob Francis

Hermosa Beach, CA

Bob Francis has been working in the graphic design and advertising business for over 30 years as an art director, graphic designer and creative director. He's always known that he truly loves photography. Despite having worked with many excellent and gifted photographers to create thousands of marvelous images for clients, he is always striving to transcend commercial photography and take his work to a higher level. Left to his own devices, he can render his vision as he sees it. His skills in design and the graphic arts enable him to do this in a way that draws viewers in and lets them share his vision.

In Bob's words: Transcendence is mine.

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