Calla calm floral explosion

Calla Calm Floral Explosion

Piece description from the artist

The Calla Calm is the 7th piece in my collection of watercolor, floral, explosions representing healing and growth. This collection of beautiful flower bouquets has been helping me and my family heal together through my uncle's recovery from depression. The tone of Calla Calm is blue, but the bouquet is full of hidden treasures like pearls and vines. My mom calls these, "When Flowers Cry" but I call them "Healing Bouquets."

About Darya Tyshlek

Charlottesville, VA

Heading to Connecticut, hailing from Charlottesville, homegrown in Kansas, and holding memories of Ukraine; I am a self-styler, intrinsic inspirer, hopeful humanist, scooter rider, impassioned environmentalist, aspiring artist, possibly a poet, entertainer of entrepreneurship as a lifestyle, daughter, sister, and friend.

Edward Hopper said “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." Art for me too, is a method of self-discovery and expression where words are insufficient. I use both traditional and process-focused art to learn about my values, reactions, and worries and to pass on my vision for a more beautiful, peaceful, caring world. My favorite subjects are derived from nature: landscapes, macros of garden and floral objects, and fantastical nature-scapes. I love to create paintings bursting with juicy colors and teeming with variety of living things to fully immerse my audience in the awe and majesty of nature

Thank you Inga Vereshchagina for teaching me art and for inspiring and mentoring me for so many years.

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