Calendar girls

Calendar Girls

Piece description from the artist

This painting is about my love of nature and desire for a harmonious world. The creatures are purely from my imagination. Wow, this painting took a long time to design and then ink in. I use a crow quill pen and indelible ink. I also work on Aquabord so the painting, although done in watercolor, is able to be varnished and framed in a floater frame. The background is an iridescent copper.
This painting welcomes you into an imaginary world where you create the dialogue. One never knows if a couple are getting it together or gossiping. And beware the snakes in the grass. they just might surprise you.
This painting took several weeks to complete.

Other works by Susan Medyn

About Susan Medyn

Tiverton, RI

Susan Medyn is a naïve artist who began making watercolors 36 years ago inspired by her love of color and deep fascination for the work of Henri Rousseau. She could not keep herself from drawing fantastical creatures. As she developed her style, she began to view her works as imaginary worlds where one could reside peacefully, playfully and harmoniously. She makes dense color filled jungles inhabited by all sorts of creature’s both real and imagined.

Her portfolio of 800 plus paintings, all tell stories of parties, dinners, weddings, days at the beach, private conversations, strolls, walks in the wild, etc. within outrageous flora and fauna. Susan tries to balance color, humor and a restrained elegance within her work.

Susan has exhibited internationally; most recently as a featured artist in an exhibit in Monaco. She has exhibited in Poland, Belgium, Paris and the Loire Valley, France as well as in the USA . Susan is represented by Galerie La Spirale in Belgium. She is part of the annual South Coast Artists Open Studio Tours every July and August and The North River Arts Association.

See Susan's portfolio here

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